Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas in Costa Rica

We've just celebrated our first Christmas in another country. It was definitely a different experience for us. No immediate family, no traveling to Pennsylvania, no snow . . .. Well, despite the differences, the whole family had a great time here. On Christmas Eve, we celebrated with the Stewart family, the Hendon family, the Turner family and Ron Marcote. The kids had fun playing outside and we all enjoyed a barbecue. How's that for Christmas celebrating? Christmas morning Dave and I woke up and had some freshly brewed coffee and we all read the Christmas story together. Afterwards we let them open up presents and spent some time playing together.
When we finished breakfast, all of us went to church service together. Christmas night we had been invited over to the house of Steve and Kathy Harris, veteran missionaries here in Costa Rica. There we enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal along with the Dahlager family, also veteran missionaries in this country.