Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Learning the City

Right now the music from the school behind our apartments is blaring through our open windows as they ensayar (practice) for some kind of presentation tomorrow. And although our kids don't attend this school, they are also working on their own presentation for this Friday. We have returned to the city where we spent our first term as missionaries. It is the same city, but it is a very different experience. The first time, Dave arrived in our STL (Speed the Light) vehicle, crossing the border and making the 4-5 day trip with my Dad while the kids and I flew straight in by plane, greeted by our fellow missionaries. This time, the family flew in together, arriving at the airport to be greeted by friends that we had made during those first few years here. Last time, the kids and I stayed with our missionary friends and used their car to make purchases for the home we had already contracted while we waited for Dave to arrive.  This time we rented a furnished apartment until we find a house, all the stuff that goes with that, and a car.
However, while we are here without a car, we have relied on the bus system, taxis, and gracious offers to be picked up or dropped off somewhere by those same friends. Oh, and we walk. A lot. Places that take 5 minutes in a car can take 25 minutes or more. That means more time alloted to do basic things. You have to wait for buses and taxis, too. So, here is a snapshot of the family who walked to where we catch the bus, who waited and took the correct bus to get to a church service, but were let out several blocks away because the bus took a right turn a few streets early and didn't have a functioning buzzer to alert the driver that we would like to be let off. So this family then walked several more blocks to arrive at the church where we enjoyed a great service with friends. This is a small look at life in the city. So thankful for friends. But, ready for a car!
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