Monday, May 15, 2017

Follow up: #20minutesofrunning

Last month I completed a running streak challenge with a few family members.  Not wanting to stop there, however, I knew I needed a new goal or commitment in the area of exercise.  I was vacillating between a few ideas near the end and decided to train for a 5K, improving my pace.

The first few days of May I actually kept running daily to finish out Dave's #20minutesofrunning 30-day streak.  Afterwards, we started Jeff Galloway's 5K training schedule that is 15 weeks long. Before starting, I did another timed "magic mile" to determine a run/walk interval strategy.  My 9 minute mile (more or less) allowed me to "level up" to an interval strategy where I run for 2 minutes and walk for 30 seconds.  Since we had already been running for the past month, we started in at the middle of Week 7.  The plan has one rest day a week, plus walk/cross-training days mixed with the running days.

I love the agility and flexibility of teenagers.  Rebekah has recently joined us for a few of the runs and hasn't missed a beat.  Way to go, girl!!!

Also, not wanting to miss out on daily exercise, I decided to rely on Google Fit to track my steps on the 'off' days to get at least an hour of activity, but shooting for 10,000 steps which seems to be a slightly challenging, yet achievable, goal for me.

So, today, besides being our pet Schnauzer's 8th birthday, marks a streak of #46daysofdailyexercise.
Enjoying a swing in the hammock
Happy Birthday, Kaixin!!!