Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost and Found

So, the family goes to the park today to run/walk a 2-miler. Dave is getting geared up for the marathon tomorrow, and the day before is an "easy" day for him - a few short miles to keep him loose but not expend too much energy before the big race.
Halfway through, he calls out to me that I shouldn't be too concerned . . . but that the car key fell out of a hole in his pocket . . . probably along the sidewalk. Hmmmm. I had gone 1 mile at this point. Let's see, find the key . . . finish the 2-miler - I think I'll look for the key. So I did. I searched and walked up and down the sidewalk between the van and the track - nothing. Then I moved on to the track, slowly working my way along the 1/3 mile circle while Dave finished up and searched again near the van. Worst case scenario - we knock on a door to call for the people who open locked cars, because inside were my keys, my purse, his cell phone, the house keys, need I go on?
There is a happy ending to this story. The key was found at the halfway point in the track. There, in the grass, it must have slipped out of the hole and landed. Dave was very grateful, and for my efforts and success in discovering the location of the key, I received a smile for giving him
a "hand" - a plastic ring trinket someone must have lost and never found.
Thank You, God, for answering my prayers - and, thank You, for the lessons I can learn from this.

~You, Lord, searched for me until you found me - never giving up.
~A backup plan is always a good idea (we didn't have one in this case) - thankfully, we didn't need to use one!

I love you, Dave - glad we didn't have to use that belated $100 anniversary gift we got today on the key issue - so anytime you want to celebrate our 15 1/2 years of being married, we can go do that!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Settling In

So it is October now - 10 days into it in fact. I have made a few changes on the website to represent some of the changes we've gone through as a family over the past 4, yes 4, months. I went for simple (black and white) with hints of Mexico (palm trees) in the background. My kids are my focal point as we home school here in the States. The picture of them was a fun one, taken in St. Louis, MO the day after visiting a church in the area. We took in some history, too, as we traveled up The Arch in a tram and viewed a film about Lewis and Clark.

Here is a collection of some digital collages I created from our experience that day.

Underground, in addition to the IMAX theater, there is a Mercantile Store which sells items from an era gone by - the boys had fun spinning wooden tops while Bekah perused the various books of dress and recipes from the 1800s.

We have traveled past The Arch, also referred to as the Gateway to the West, several times. We have even stopped to see it, but this was the first time we ventured inside to get a bird's eye view of the city.
Stay tuned for our next great adventure!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Singer or sandwich? (a little snippet from our day)

We were sitting at the breakfast table this morning listening to Phil Collins as we ate.  His voice is well known to my kids, made popular to them by the movie Tarzan.  The song True Colors, came on and they said "what is this?"  To their question I replied, "It's Phil Collins, but a different song he sings." Dave threw in, "and it's also sung by Cindi Lauper."  Not having ever heard this name, Jonathan pipes up, "Silly Whopper?!!!"  

Silly Whopper . . . funny how the message sometimes gets misconstrued bases on our previous knowledge and exerience.  We could ponder that one for awhile . . .

I love our kids - they continue to bring us joy and always give us a fresh perspective on life ;-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The right of way

This morning might have been like any other, but our schedule is a little weird as we make doctor's appointments and have follow up visits - getting everything in order before heading back to the US.  So, instead of taking the kids straight to school, we headed to the hospital in the opposite direction.  On the way, there are several crosswalks that cause traffic to slow and allow pedestrians to safely get from one side of the busy street to the other.  There are probably 5-8 on the 2-mile stretch between our house and the hospital.  We were about halfway there when I saw the traffic on the opposite side stopped at a crosswalk that we were approaching.  I slowed, not only because it is a literal bump on the road, but figured I would be stopping completely as well.  But it wasn't a pedestrian I was stopping for . . . it was a dog!  The little pooch had the right of way as he quickly passed along the walkway, causing all 4 lanes of traffic to stop.  I laughed out loud at the comic situation, wondering how the dog came to learn this maneuver and amazed at the respect everyone had for this canine (or for the law - not sure which).  
I also wonder if the paths in our lives could be crossed just as smoothly if everyone simply showed respect to one another - I think it goes hand in hand with the "loving one another" that Jesus teaches us in His Word (John 13:35).  Sometimes we feel we have the right of way, when really we would benefit so much from stopping and giving that right of way to someone else.  Lord, help us follow your command of loving one another today.  Amen.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun with Science

The Rocket Project

I was inspired to make and post this video after seeing how much fun the kids had.  Also, I know all of you who read this and live far from us appreciate seeing them from time to time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Answered Prayer

I have to share what happened yesterday afternoon.
As the kids came home from school, each puts his/her backpack in the front hallway and brings the lunch box into the kitchen. Then it is time to put in some time on homework before we eat.
Yesterday wasn't much different except that Jonathan was dancing in the living room and singing. This is what I heard:

"God answered my prayer. He is so good. He answered my prayer . . . I don't have any homework . . . He is so good."

I got the biggest kick out of hearing the joy and seeing it demonstrated in song and dance.

Ah, to become as a child - when is the last time I broke into song and danced over anwered prayer? Thank you, God, for this lovely reminder.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tranquility and Love - captured in a photo

I love watching my kids enjoy each other's company. Moments like this cannot be bought or sold, just appreciated when they happen.
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A new year

My goal this year, 2009
To be the branch and He the vine.
In Him alone I can abide,
walking always by His side.

Help me, Lord, to do what's good
and act upon the things I should.
Thinking all the less of me
and living for eternity.

~Kelly Godzwa, January 7, 2009