Monday, March 31, 2008

Vacation Days vs. Sick Days

Here in Mexico, the kids get a nice long vacation for the Easter holiday. And, yes, it is because of Easter, not Spring ;-) So, starting back on the 15th of this month, the Ides of March, all the way until today - our kids have had off of school. The first week involved a lot of church activities like I wrote about in the Easter blog, but this second week has been a little disappointing, to say the least.
On Monday, we kind of played "catch-up" with laundry and cleaning and such. Tuesday, we reserved for going to a water park here in town, but it was (now don't laugh) a little chilly for a day of water activities. So, we changed out plans and went to a museum and then had a picnic in the park. It was an enjoyable day even though the kids were pretty sad about not being able to swim. Dave and I especially enjoyed the cool breezes and sunshine after our picnic while the kids played on the playground equipment at the park.

After this relaxing family day, things pretty much when downhill. It started with me on Wednesday . . . I will spare you the details. Basically, I was in bed in pain or in the bathroom. The days following did not keep me in bed, but I was definitely at less than 100%, without much of a clue as to what was causing my cramping and trips to the bathroom.
Then Dave got hit on Thursday, but with something completely different.
Our poor kiddos, vacation practically ruined due to their parents' ailments. We rented some movies, we let them play in our pool one day, and we let them play on the computer. They made a fort with their beds. Rebekah worked on a project for school. We spent a morning at a mall where the kids jumped on an indoor blow-up slide/plaything and we shopped for shoes and socks. We finished with lunch in the food court where I had noodle soup. They also played in our backyard of plants and concrete. But even that ended up a little stressful for me with them discovering what little mud we have and combining it with water from the tap outside - well, you know, boys will be boys, - this mom just wasn't in the mood to have to deal with the clean-up necessary. Today the kids are inside again, playing with each other and listening to Dan and Louie (thank you AG World Missions!). The kids have actually done a lot to pitch in with stuff around the house, too - helping prepare meals and working together to make sure the table is set and cleared. I'm really proud of them for taking the bad with the good :-)

Well, it turns out I may be dealing with a pesky little critter called an amoeba. Not fun. But I now have some medicine to deal with is. And Dave has a serious sinus infection for which we are trying to discover the correct antibiotic.

I'm thankful for our God who sees our needs and situation. Yes, I would love to experience His healing RIGHT NOW. But, I realize that God can also use circumstances to teach us something about Him or about ourselves. I guess I'm still learning.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend has been a good one. The kids don't have school. Dave has had some extra time because school is out for him, too. We have been at church quite a bit - I think every day this week except Monday and Saturday . Starting the Easter weekend, the kids played with some of the children at a church Dave preached at on Friday. It was nice being out of the city again, out in the country air :-) That's a duck that Joseph is holding in the photo. They also held chicks and puppies, petted goats, and climbed trees. Just look at their smiles!

On Saturday we had a family day out. We checked out a new shopping mall that is built surrounding an indoor ice skating rink. Imagine that - outside, 90-some degree weather and inside - cold enough to keep the ice frozen on the rink. The kids all enjoyed themselves, at least for the first 1/2 hour :-) Rebekah and Joseph are already asking when we'll return. Even Dave seemed to enjoy himself. In the photo, however, I'm not sure who is helping whom ;-)

Today is Resurrection Day - we celebrate that Jesus is Alive! I am thankful for His salvation and that His blood cleanses me of sin. I am thankful for my family, both near and far away. I am thankful for the opportunities He gives us to share our lives with others. I pray that my life and the life of our family will continue to reflect His love and the change He has made in us, whether in ministry or in the everyday stuff of life. Thank You, Lord, for Who You are and who we are because of You.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chi Alpha Team - Lasting memories

We had the opportunity, once again, to host Mike's Chi Alpha Missions team this Spring. Last year, the whole family joined the team in ministry outside of Mérida in a town called Muna. This year, the kids and I were unable to join them for the entire week, but we made some great memories visiting some local areas of interest - ancient Maya ruins, an enormous cave, and a cenote (underground swimming hole) where one team member was baptized - and ministering at our home church in Mérida this year. We were privileged to be able to invite 7 of the 10 team members to stay in our home while 3 were able to experience the hospitality of 2 church families. The kids always feel "extra-special" when this incredible D.C. group comes. Enjoy the photos that give you just a glimpse as to how we seem to "gel."Thanks for always involving Bekah, Joseph and Jonathan and cementing special memories in their mind like "the back seat express" and giving rides on shoulders, letting them become photographers, and swinging them 3 inches from the ground, just to name a few! We all hated to see you leave. We're looking forward to next year, however (or any time you can come visit), and make sure to get Mike's whole family here, too!

And, Julia, the cards were soooo very thoughtful. The kids loved them!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thank you, Sam!!!

Uncle Mike came to visit tonight with his team from American University. What was soooooo cool were the gifts he brought from our cousin Sam.
A really cool drawing and JELLY BEAN NECKLACES! How cool is that???

Thank You, Sam!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Public Classroom - Jonathan

Parents don't often have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall inside their kids' school or classroom. However, we were invited to watch a presentation, of sorts, about what the kids do in their bilingual school here in Mexico.
Jonathan has 2 teachers: Miss Ale - Spanish, and Miss Aseneth - English. The teachers directed as the kids sang us songs and demonstrated what they were learning through games and question/answer. Dave even joined in the parent/student hand games at the end of the class. I definitely enjoyed getting the chance to see my little guy in action. It was a nice way the end the month of February.
I've put together a Smilebox with photos from the day as well as short video clips of the English and Spanish songs that the kids did. As you view it, you can pause the pages with the control on the bottom right corner as well as play the videos that appear by pressing the "play video" circles as you like. If it says "loading" you may need to wait a few seconds and go back to that page. On pages with various pictures, you can click to enlarge a particular photo. Enjoy!
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