Friday, July 15, 2005

Traveling with kids

The whole family was able to enjoy some fun in the pool as we stayed overnight near St. Louis, MO. Rebekah is holding her breath and learning to swim underwater. All 3 kids enjoy jumping in and having Mommy or Daddy catch them. Although the kids have been great traveling, we all appreciate a little down time. On the way home from our service we were able to stop and have lunch with a pastor and his wife who have become great friends. The kids enjoy seeing their goldfish and feeding their dog, Maggie, special treats. On the way home from there we all ate some delicious cherries when we stopped to stretch our legs a bit.
Traveling has been a positive experience, but there are times when we'd enjoy switching on one of those DVD's meant for travel . . .

1 comment:

a little bit me said...

good job Bekah!
i remember learning how to swim.
holding your breath under water
is awesome.