Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

Every year since we've been married, Dave and I have had a fake Christmas tree. Last year, in Costa Rica, it was miniature, even. This year we decided to go with a real one. We packed the kids in the car and headed out to Wally World (not sure about the the whole copyright thing on the actual name . . .) in our summer attire to pick out a tree and ornaments to decorate it.
Interesting procedure - we choose a tree, a guy cuts a bit off the trunk, then hammers a couple of boards and a large planter "plate" to the bottom of it, and finally ties it up on the top of our SUV. Quite a process, but I'm sitting here admiring its beauty and wonderful piny smell. I have to admit, it's tough feeling the heat of the day and thinking of Christmas, but the kids had a super time putting up ornaments and setting up the nativity - we listened to Harry Connick, Jr. and Nat King Cole and took pictures of the finished product. Happy Decorating!

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Gretchen said...

I love the video, guys! It's great to get updates on your blog. I'm sure it's hard adjusting to heat all year long. At least here in Fresno it does get "cold" in the winter - 40's and 50's. Merry Christmas to you!!