Saturday, August 16, 2008

Work Day

The kids got into the yard work with Dave on Friday. Me? Oh, well, I worked inside and took pictures ;-)
The yard looks great - tons less in the weed department. Usually Dave is the one to spend a morning or afternoon working on things. This time, with school still out, Bekah got very involved and took things pretty seriously - she even got bit by an angry ant. Jonathan found joy in the work (as usual), picking me 2 flowers (you know, those beautiful weeds . . .), and Joseph, well, he had fits and starts. He was looking for the profit in all of it - what was the reward?
Well, he didn't get to "go out" which Joseph has been asking to do lately. But, they did get to hang out with their Daddy, eat peanut butter chocolate sandwiches and ice cream, and listen to another chapter in The Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis.
Me, well, I went to a baby shower and only heard about the fun evening they had ;-)
Maybe next time . . .

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Sky said...

oh man, Dave's got them working in the yard, what a task master :-P

love you and miss you!