Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Working Things Out

Here it is - a new school year. It's funny how a person's perspective is tinted and shaped by the start of a new routine or fresh information. I was walking this morning with Dave. He was ready to head to the park we frequent for exercise and I wanted to tread a fresh pathway. As we took this new route (heehee) I commented on the start of this new school year, how it seems to be less stressful somehow. He, of course, had to dig a little deeper, which made me really think about my comment. Why? For what reason? I determined that it mostly had to do with the schedule of the new school and how our meals were planned accordingly. Yes, I think that was the main reason. We had time to prepare and eat our meals without feeling overly rushed to get out the door or get home. Plus, the kids' activities didn't interfere with this schedule.
Then, today, after our daughter went to a trial ballet class, Dave informed me that her schedule would be different than we had thought and something about there-going-my-stress-free-schedule. So, ok, we assess the situation, adapt and change accordingly. Isn't that life in a nutshell? Well, not that it is easy or pain-free or exactly what we had hoped, but that we can be content despite the circumstance. I realize that my example is from the lighter side of life. There are issues that go much deeper and take much more out of us, life-altering situations. I can only pray that big or small, I learn from all of it and apply it to what is to come.
Earlier, Dave shared a quote from an article online concerning a gentleman dealing with the hurricane situation in Louisiana. The quote basically said that you have to be alive to experience trouble . . ..
Now there is something to chew on.
I'm thankful today, thankful to be alive, thankful to have "life" to deal with and relationships to work on and a loving, faithful God who is "still working on me" as the song goes "to make me what He wants to be." Sometimes those kids' songs just sum things up so beautifully (He's Still Working on Me - Words and Music: Joel Hemphill).
"How loving and patient He must be. He's still working on me."
How are things "working out" with you?

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