Sunday, December 28, 2008

What more could you ask for?

In addition to getting new toys such as the Leapster2, Didj, and fashion Barbie computer program, our kids are enjoying time with family, friends of the family, and a Mom and Dad who feel like they're on vacation. Oh, yeah, I guess we are.

Joseph is sporting a pair of glasses. And the whole family even got a personal tour of the TV studio where my sister works - how cool is that? We're making plans now to visit with some of Dave's extended family and then tomorrow we're off to visit a high school friend and her family in Ohio then on to The World Missions Summit 2 in Cincinnati.
Never a dull moment here. Maybe I better schedule a few of those in the mix ;-)
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Deg said...

You mean that's not a professional news anchor there? She totally looks like she could be! :)

Unknown said...

I totally agree! Maybe she'll follow in her Auntie Sky's footsteps in career choice.