Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Answered Prayer

I have to share what happened yesterday afternoon.
As the kids came home from school, each puts his/her backpack in the front hallway and brings the lunch box into the kitchen. Then it is time to put in some time on homework before we eat.
Yesterday wasn't much different except that Jonathan was dancing in the living room and singing. This is what I heard:

"God answered my prayer. He is so good. He answered my prayer . . . I don't have any homework . . . He is so good."

I got the biggest kick out of hearing the joy and seeing it demonstrated in song and dance.

Ah, to become as a child - when is the last time I broke into song and danced over anwered prayer? Thank you, God, for this lovely reminder.

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Deg said...

I had two prayers this week that were answered and made me giddy. Unfortunately, I didn't dance. But I do know someone (named Sky) who likes to dance!