Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The right of way

This morning might have been like any other, but our schedule is a little weird as we make doctor's appointments and have follow up visits - getting everything in order before heading back to the US.  So, instead of taking the kids straight to school, we headed to the hospital in the opposite direction.  On the way, there are several crosswalks that cause traffic to slow and allow pedestrians to safely get from one side of the busy street to the other.  There are probably 5-8 on the 2-mile stretch between our house and the hospital.  We were about halfway there when I saw the traffic on the opposite side stopped at a crosswalk that we were approaching.  I slowed, not only because it is a literal bump on the road, but figured I would be stopping completely as well.  But it wasn't a pedestrian I was stopping for . . . it was a dog!  The little pooch had the right of way as he quickly passed along the walkway, causing all 4 lanes of traffic to stop.  I laughed out loud at the comic situation, wondering how the dog came to learn this maneuver and amazed at the respect everyone had for this canine (or for the law - not sure which).  
I also wonder if the paths in our lives could be crossed just as smoothly if everyone simply showed respect to one another - I think it goes hand in hand with the "loving one another" that Jesus teaches us in His Word (John 13:35).  Sometimes we feel we have the right of way, when really we would benefit so much from stopping and giving that right of way to someone else.  Lord, help us follow your command of loving one another today.  Amen.

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