Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost and Found

So, the family goes to the park today to run/walk a 2-miler. Dave is getting geared up for the marathon tomorrow, and the day before is an "easy" day for him - a few short miles to keep him loose but not expend too much energy before the big race.
Halfway through, he calls out to me that I shouldn't be too concerned . . . but that the car key fell out of a hole in his pocket . . . probably along the sidewalk. Hmmmm. I had gone 1 mile at this point. Let's see, find the key . . . finish the 2-miler - I think I'll look for the key. So I did. I searched and walked up and down the sidewalk between the van and the track - nothing. Then I moved on to the track, slowly working my way along the 1/3 mile circle while Dave finished up and searched again near the van. Worst case scenario - we knock on a door to call for the people who open locked cars, because inside were my keys, my purse, his cell phone, the house keys, need I go on?
There is a happy ending to this story. The key was found at the halfway point in the track. There, in the grass, it must have slipped out of the hole and landed. Dave was very grateful, and for my efforts and success in discovering the location of the key, I received a smile for giving him
a "hand" - a plastic ring trinket someone must have lost and never found.
Thank You, God, for answering my prayers - and, thank You, for the lessons I can learn from this.

~You, Lord, searched for me until you found me - never giving up.
~A backup plan is always a good idea (we didn't have one in this case) - thankfully, we didn't need to use one!

I love you, Dave - glad we didn't have to use that belated $100 anniversary gift we got today on the key issue - so anytime you want to celebrate our 15 1/2 years of being married, we can go do that!

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Sky said...

yay for finding the keys! that could have made for a lousy day. i hope you enjoyed your walk/run in spite of the inconvenience!