Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tourism Day

Over the years, it seems as though the number of holidays has increased. Just yesterday my sister-in-law mentioned Johnny Appleseed day, which began our family's search for what today might be. A quick Google search brought up September 27 as tourism day. As luck would have it, our kids had off school. No, not for tourism day, but for a teacher workshop. Considering the coincidence of it all, I thought it would be a shame if we couldn't celebrate somehow or other. So, after looking at various options, we decided to head downtown for a meal at a new location of a restaurant we had frequented previously with typical Yucatan cuisine.
Here we revisited the tastes of pollo pibil, cochinita, sopa de lima, salsa de pepita, and vaporcitos, not to mention a refreshing chaya drink. (If you hadn't heard, chaya is the new spinach, with boatloads of calcium!)
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for the kids, we first visited Santa Lucia park (because the restaurant hadn't opened yet), and saw that they had put in a Dairy Queen! I let them choose something small as not to spoil their appetite - DQ sandwiches - while Dave and I tried the "duos", ice cream sandwiched between 2 small chips a'hoy cookies.

Before leaving the downtown park, we stopped in a souvenir shop that had recently opened in order to feel really touristy ;)   Then, on our way to lunch, we saw a fun sign advertising tours and stopped to snap a picture to commemorate the day.
Now, on the way downtown, we had stopped at a coffee shop so Dave could buy more beans to roast his coffee at home. He has become friends with the owner at Cafico, where he always buys his stuff.   Being a "client" has its perks- they invited us to stop by again after we ate, and said they would have 5 frappuccinos waiting for us! Federico, the owner, has always been exceptional, even making home deliveries at times when we've run out of coffee.
A view from the car while Bekah and Dave get the coffee.
I would say we had a quite fulfilling few hours being tourists in a city we've come to love, mostly because of the people in it.

What obscure holiday will you take time to celebrate with the people you love? 
I hear that Sunday is Coffee Day...have fun celebrating...


Sky said...

I want to celebrate Tourism Day in Mexico! That looks like you had lots of fun :-) I like obscure holidays, such as Talk Like a Pirate Day (it's on my half birthday!) and Pi Day. I miss you all bunches!

MetzMan99 said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun; it's good to have days like that. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Godzwa said...

We did have a lot of fun! It's always nice when we can change things up a bit and get out of the daily routine, even for a few hours!