Thursday, September 14, 2006

Family Fun

I want to let all of our family know how great it was to see all of you before leaving for Mexico. We had a great time visiting during our short stay. Enjoy some photos (or snapshots) of the fun.

The boys had fun in Indianapolis - 3 peas in a pod - here are Joseph and Jonathan with their cousin Jack. Maybe they'll start a garage band when they're teenagers, called "Say 'aghhh'!"

Then we have the princesses of the clan - Rebekah with Jack's older sister, Emillie. They can't believe how crazy their brothers can be at times!

The newest family member on the block is Levi - here he is being held by a very proud cousin Rebekah.

And the 2 cousins who are very close in age - being 3 is SO MUCH FUN - Samuel playing with Jonathan at Uncle Rick and Aunt Francine's house.

More to come . . .

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