Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Braces :-)

I remember having braces as a teenager. Never did I think my own daughter would have them at the age of 7. But, here she is - all smiles. But who is that in the background getting ready to take a look at those pearly whites???

Actually, the whole family went to get our yearly (?) teeth cleaning (we hadn't gone the whole time we were in Costa Rica - shhhhhh, don't tell the toothfairy), and the dentist suggested braces because of the way Bekah's front teeth had come in. Well, it was braces now or surgery later. So, here she is with pink rubber bands.

Side note: dental work here is MUCH less expensive than in the US, so if you're thinking of getting any dental work done . . . why not treat yourself to some warm weather this winter . . .

Of course, everyone had a good time at the dentist because clean teeth are sooooo much better than cavities!

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