Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Follow along with us to . . . Mérida, Mexico.

Whenever one makes a move to a new city, there is a list a mile long of things to do, let alone people to meet and places to see.

As you may know, our family has relocated to the VERY hot city of Mérida, Mexico. Here we join veteran missionaries Paul and Sandy, along with their 3 kids.

The life of a missionary varies depending on the place he is living, people he is working with, and the call and ministry that God has placed on his life (or her life, of course).

Currently, Dave co-teaches at the Bible Institute, preaches at local churches, works on computer issues for the missionaries here in Mexico and is revamping the Mexico AG website as well as blogging at www.disciplemexico.org.

I have the opportunity to homeschool our kids during the week, accompany Dave as we visit various local churches, and spend time with local ministers. I even had the opportunity to teach a children's Sunday School class (unexpectedly . . . :-) ).

This site is dedicated mostly to our family life, so you will see lots of pictures of the kids, along with outings we take and fun things we do. However, since our life is intertwined with ministry, I will undoubtedly share our experiences here among the churches and ministry opportunities that we have.

I hope you will follow along with us as we discover more about Mérida. Please visit often and enjoy more photos here as well.


Amy said...

Miss you all.

Unknown said...

Thanks. It feels good to be missed, trying to make it feel like we're not so far away with the pictures. Miss you, too, Amy. And your kiddos.