Friday, March 09, 2007


One thing that creates memories in a family is tradition. Since coming to to Mérida, we have formed some new traditions through our weekly routines. We learned that a common breakfast here consists of some things rather strange to most people living in the US - pork sandwiches! Yes, as a kid, I would have the occasional cold pizza from the night before or at times heated up spaghetti, but normally my breakfasts included cereal and/or fruit and on special days eggs or pancakes.
Here, every Sunday, one of the kids and I go to the "Cochinita Stand" (our name for it) which I found out has an official name - "El Tio" - which means simply, the uncle. Cochinita, however, is the name of the pork meat that we ask for in a sandwich with onions. The stand is outdoors, and located a mere 4 blocks from our house. They've come to expect me every Sunday and I'm addressed as "reyna" which means queen in Spanish. To be honest, it's nothing unique. It's a way to address most married female customers - but I like it, anyway. Last week I asked if I could take their picture and they happily obliged :-)
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"El Tio"

Here is Joseph near the "cashier" - he has a way of being close money - he also enjoys seeing how things are done. Just to the left of where Joseph is standing, a young guy is making guacamole - a dip made with avocados. I told Joseph to watch carefully so that we could make it at home ;-)
The kids take turns going with me to the stand - part of that one-on-one time that kids need. It's amazing the conversations that start and the doors that open when I have my kids with me - what a blessing they are!

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Sky said...

well, now i want some guacamole! like, right now! arg! :-P

i miss you guys so much

love, Sky