Monday, June 04, 2007

First Full Day of Vacation

Hey everyone,
I know I haven't written in awhile - can you say b-u-s-y? Well, we needed to disconnect ourselves for a short while, about a week, in order to refresh our spirits. It is late right now since I've been gathering some photos for the web, so I won't write a lot. Just enjoy the pics of the scenery, the food, and our family, during our first full day of vacation in . . . Cancun!

You can view them here:

More to come - stay tuned.
Side note: When you click on the photo, you are taken to a Picasa Web Album. If you choose to view the group of photos using the "slideshow" option, choose 8 or 9 seconds to be able to read the captions.


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys so much, looks like a beautiful vacation spot and a much needed getaway. The kids look wonderful,(Mom and Dad too!) can't wait to give you all hugs!Guess Sky will have to do that for me! The scenery pictures reminded me of Genesis 1 and how God spoke the Word and created everything out of nothing amazing when you think of the beauty that He gave us to enjoy.What incredible love He has for us.
Mom ,Grandma Kim

Amy said...

:) Thanks for the photos. Miss you guys so much... oh wait your mom said that didn't she?

Guess the two of us have something in common then.