Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rainy Day Forest Trek - Cancun Day 4

Wednesday of our vacation was sort of preplanned, but without knowing any details as to the "contents" of our day. We have made friends with a few families at the kids' track class and one of the dads works a few days a week in Cancun. He had some business there on Wednesday morning and wanted afterwards to show us around the area. So, we met at a local shopping mall, headed to Puerto Morelos, and the kids swam in a hotel pool there while we talked and ordered our lunch at the outdoor restaurant on the beach.

Afterwards, we headed to a rainforest and trekked along a gravel road (the entrance at the time was locked up, but was apparently open to those wanting to walk) on foot to see some spider monkeys that our friend, Gabriel, had seen on previous trips with his family. I stopped along the way to take photos of the plants and bugs.

Later we headed on to a nearby cenote which was also located at the end of a long path through the woods, so I took some more photos. This time I included the family :-)
We then returned to the original forest to see some wood carvings a local artist does - amazing work! This time we drove the car in because the owner had come by with the key! Sometimes you just need to know the right people :-)

These are the experiences you just can't get from a travel magazine or agency.

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So very cool!