Friday, September 14, 2007

Homework Happens

Well, it has been 3 full weeks since our elementary kids started school and 2 weeks for our preschooler. My, how time flies. You would think that I would have more time online or at least more free time, but I haven't felt that yet. My schedule has been turned upside-down and that takes some getting used to . . .

To start with, there had been several things left "undone" since moving into our new place in the middle of August - primarily financial matters.
And then, there's the ministry side of things - having days open has allowed me to take advantage of spending time with fellow missionaries as well as our Mexican friends.

But along with "Mom" working on her "homework" inside and away from the house, I still have a role as teacher when the kids come home from school. We've done everything from dication to math to English to Spanish to drawing picture of flags and coats of arms. Even Jonathan brings home something to do during his after school hours.
Take a look at how diligently our kids are working - well, at least 2 of them. Our little guy is working on getting some more sleep!

Tonight we are attending our 2nd of 3 parent/family get-togethers. Rebekah has already made a good friend at school and we get to meet her mom in a few hours. Ah, the weekend . . . time to play a little :-)


La tía Sandrita said...

Way to go sobrinitos. I'm proud of all of you for all of the effort you have put into adjusting to a new school. Special kudos go out to Joseph!!!

Sky Yaple said...

i think they should do MY homework...

i heard about your Christmas plans, I am so excited!

love you :-)