Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jonathan's Guitar and his God

Kids are great at making up songs and poems and coming up with great sayings, don't you think? Recently, Dave purchased some new strings for Jonathan's guitar (which is really just a toy and doesn't have a consistant sound or anything), and he has spent time every day since playing it. I had to record this song that was created and sung by Jonathan this afternoon while his brother and sister were working on homework. This one is entitled "God is always beside me."

Just afterwards, I recorded what was actually his first song which was about his guitar. His brother gave him the idea of how to finish it off . . .. Aren't kids amazing?


Anonymous said...

Jonathan, We love your song and we know God loves hearing you sing about Him!! Joseph, great ending to the song!! Looks like you guys are healthy, Praise God. We all miss you up in Erie and can't wait to see you in December!
Love, Grandma Kim & Grandpa Dave
Psalm 150

Anonymous said...

Great song Jonathan! Keep playing!


Pam said...

Jonathan, you rock!

Sky said...

new house!

and oh my gosh i am going to kidnap the children and keep them in my dorm room, methinks...

how come everyone gets musical ability except for me, huh?

i love and miss you guys!!!