Friday, March 07, 2008

Public Classroom - Jonathan

Parents don't often have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall inside their kids' school or classroom. However, we were invited to watch a presentation, of sorts, about what the kids do in their bilingual school here in Mexico.
Jonathan has 2 teachers: Miss Ale - Spanish, and Miss Aseneth - English. The teachers directed as the kids sang us songs and demonstrated what they were learning through games and question/answer. Dave even joined in the parent/student hand games at the end of the class. I definitely enjoyed getting the chance to see my little guy in action. It was a nice way the end the month of February.
I've put together a Smilebox with photos from the day as well as short video clips of the English and Spanish songs that the kids did. As you view it, you can pause the pages with the control on the bottom right corner as well as play the videos that appear by pressing the "play video" circles as you like. If it says "loading" you may need to wait a few seconds and go back to that page. On pages with various pictures, you can click to enlarge a particular photo. Enjoy!
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