Monday, November 24, 2008

Start each day with love

You've heard it said to start each day with a good breakfast. Here at the Godzwa house, we try to do that. Each morning we try to include the major food groups of cereals, milk, and fruit. Also, Dave will make a cappuccino for me and, for him, an espresso and an americano. Pictured here is what my breakfast looked like this morning. Notice anything? Now, coffee from my hubby always puts a smile on my face, but my grin was extra wide this morning.
The heart is just a symbol and Dave said it was "serendipity." But, it made me think about something even more important than a good breakfast, and that is starting each day with love - a smile, kind words, acts of kindness, understanding, the ability to listen, not getting angry, showing patience - just a few ways to show it. Being "out of commission" these past 2 weeks, I have felt it in several ways through the diligence and attention to detail that Dave has shown as he picks up the many loose ends around the house and takes over several of the "mom" tasks. Thank you, dear hubby.
My prayer this morning is that I would allow love to flow in me through my attitude and actions, remembering not only the earthly examples of love shown to me this very day, but also keeping in the forefront the great love shown in the sacrifice of my savior, Jesus, and His promise to me of eternal life with Him.
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Dave said...

Thanks Babe! I love you!

Deg said...

Makes me think of 1 Corinthians 13.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!