Sunday, November 16, 2008

What happened to my foot (original, huh?)

I had just gotten back from a busy morning of dropping the kids off at school, watching my daughter in a morning presentation on Thanksgiving, paying the school bill at the bank, and stopping by Sam's Club to pick up a few needed items. Pulling in the driveway I saw a stray dog who looked like she had babies to take care of. Maybe my thoughts were prone toward animals since we are caring for our friends' Schnauzer while they're away for the week, I usually try to ignore stray dogs since I know we can't take them in (although I would love to) - whatever the case, I was a little distracted. So I got out of the car, walked around to get the food and talked sweetly to the stray as she was sizing up the situation. Continuing around the car I looked back to see where the dog was as I took a step onto our patio. Problem is, I sort of stepped sideways in my comfy heels and my foot slid along the step and doubled along the outer edge of my left foot. I sort of slowly collapsed to the ground basically to put down the groceries and reassemble myself. The stray come over to give me a sniff and then walked off in search of someone who would actually give her food. I shook off my shoe and got up to enter the house with the stuff then returned to get a few things and sort of hobbled back inside.
I figured I had pulled a muscle, so I checked online to see what I should do. I knew it involved ice. After getting some info, I rested for the remainder of the morning and early afternoon, icing it off and on and keeping it elevated. When the time came to pick up the kids, I figured I'd pass by Burger King so I wouldn't have to move around the kitchen - we could just eat. Then I called Dave to fill him in. Oh, didn't I mention? Dave is out of town until Saturday! He suggested I at least get my foot looked at . . . to make sure nothing was broken. So we went to StarMedica instead of going home. There I got an x-ray taken of my foot which revealed an incomplete fracture. Oh, good. What does that mean? Well, I can't walk on it - no pressure, lots of rest. And the options? Well, some would get a cast for a complete fracture, but that wasn't really necessary. I opted for a splint of sorts with bandages and asked for crutches since I had to be mobile. What? you're going to do it here, now? Will I be able to slip off my jeans? NO?. Ok, then, let's get those off first so I won't have to cut them off later . . .
So, I made several phone calls and one of my friends came with her daughter on the bus to bring me a pair of shorts to borrow so I could leave the hospital in something other than a hospital gown.
I am so thankful for the friends that I have made here - they are the kind that would drop anything to help and be there in your time of need. Thank you Norma and Jessica who came to help me and Fabi who made some phone calls!
When we got to the house I suggested we celebrate. We all laughed together and ate some leftover birthday cake from Jonathan's birthday party and Norma cleaned up the kitchen for me. What great friends.
Ok, so, this is the long version. I wear this thing for 2 weeks. Maybe this is an opportunity for scrap booking?


Sky Yaple said...

i hope your foot gets better soon! thank goodness for friends :-)

Deg said...

Ouch! I've never had a cast, but I can't imagine it would be much fun. are you going to get lots of people to sign in?

Yay for friends. :)