Monday, June 28, 2010

Rain Out Rainbow

Stormy night, right before leaving for the baseball game. Bummer. Explanation to the kids about the possibility of the game being rained out. The tickets that we paid for, the dance routine Rebekah had practiced for, trying to 'prepare' for the worst case scenario (not just the kids, but Mom, too). But, we'll go, we'll take rain gear, and, yes, you have to WEAR the ponchos if it is raining when we get there!

When will the game start, Jonathan? Well, I can't say. They need to decide when it would be safe for the players. Thunderstorms can be dangerous and they're taking precautions. Yes, I'm thirsty, too, Joseph. Let's find a water fountain. Sure, Rebekah. We can walk around the stadium and check things out. Ok, go ahead and play on the playground equipment for a few minutes. Oh, come on! You're not supposed to cause your brother to sit in the water on the slide! Let's head back to where the others are.

What? they won't start until 30 minutes AFTER the last lightening strike they see? It's going to be a late night. Oop, there's another one. Wow, that one went all the way across the sky . . . hmm, 8 o'clock, so that means at least an 8:30 PM start . . .

Announcement: fireworks at 8:20, canceled game, stadium will close at 10 PM. Sure, go ahead and get some concessions - you brought your spending money. Look they're starting. MOM - there's a rainbow! And it's a full one! Have you ever seen that? A rainbow during a fireworks display? Amazing. Just gorgeous!

Pictures . . . sunset . . . more pictures . . . what a great night for a baseball game!

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