Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summer "Make a Splash" Library Reading Program

School is coming to a close and summer is quickly approaching.  Most equate those two events, not even waiting for the official start on the 21st of June. We seem to be overlapping them!  Since our home school schedule is flexible, we didn't get started until September of last year, taking one week off during Thanksgiving, several weeks off at Christmastime, one at Easter and another at the end of April. This brings us to June with another week of school to go.  But the library doesn't know our schedule and their summer reading incentives began about 1 1/2 weeks ago!  So, I guess it is kind of like mixing business with pleasure - the kids get to count their "school reading" for the hours and activities that the library requires in order to get some cool treats this summer - coupons for free stuff, basically.

Here we are at Andy's where the kids enjoyed a small concrete.  Dave and I were content to have a few bites of theirs.  Well, at least I was . . ..  
On the way home we saw the sun setting and parked the car so we could run up the bridge that spans the train tracks and buildings and capture the sunset on camera (right before my battery ran out!!!).
What about your family? Do you have any fun activities, free or otherwise, on your list of "things to do" this summer?
Check out the library if you're looking for some new, low-cost ideas!


Sky said...

can I just ask what a small concrete is?

Unknown said...

lol - it is like a DQ Blizzard - but richer. Frozen custard with a mix-in or two for flavor . . . cherries, oreo pieces, espresso, m&ms, caramel, brownie, etc. If you're from here, I guess you just know - haha.

Sky said...

oo, sounds delicious!