Thursday, December 02, 2010

A fun irony

Boat races where there are lakes . . . ice hockey in Canada . . . flying kites in large wide-open spaces . . . rock climbing in the mountains . . . these are all things that are normal, expected even.  But what about ice skating on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico?  Yes, where the climate is hot or hotter, all year round.  And yet, that is exactly what our kids did last week with their missionary friend who was visiting.  They also ran into (not literally) a few classmates on the rink.

A few stopped long enough for me to capture a photo:

And one just kept on moving:

This was an excellent break for all of us after our first few busy weeks here.  Kids with school stuff.  Us with trying to settle on/in a house and all that goes with that.  Plus, the meetings and services associated with the national convention for the AG in Mexico took place in our city. Just a few things going on . . .

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