Thursday, February 15, 2007

Homonyms and the like

Sitting at the dinner table today:

Rebekah: I see an ant that is 1 cm long . . . or maybe 1/2 cm. (yes, if you were wondering, on our table . . .)

Joseph: Hey, ant is a homonym! Aunt like "great aunt" and ant . . . (smile)

Rebekah (to Joseph): What's an antonym?

Kelly: It means "an opposite" (I thought she was just asking whoever)

Dave(to Rebekah): What's a synonym? (refereeing the "one-upping" that was apparent)

Rebekah: I don't know.

Dave: It's the antonym of antonym (twinkle in his eye . . .)

Rebekah: OH, it means the same. (how did she catch that??? I know many of you are lost at this point . . .)

Joseph: It's a two-headed eye . . . (thank you, Joseph, this dinner conversation was getting a little bit to serious ;-) )

We had fun with this one, of course :-) Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our life around the dinner table.

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Corey Godzwa said...

Hey Rebekah!!!

This is Abbie!! I miss you!!! How is Mexico? Are you speaking Spanish yet? Please email my mom so we can talk. Or call me so we can talk!! How is school? I am in 2nd grade and in ALPHA too. Next year I will be cheering for my school while Josh plays football. Love you- gotta go!