Sunday, February 11, 2007

What a Party!

Joseph is 6 years old - I can't believe it! We celebrated the day of his birth last night at our house. It was probably an early celebration compared to some parties that are done here. Ours started at 5:30, got rolling closer to 6 and ended just before 10 p.m. I've been told that there are parties that START at 10 p.m. But we had fun with our Pirate Theme. Joseph picked out a dragon for his piñata since dragons are known to hide treasure in their lairs. Here's Jonathan taking his turn at punching the piñata.

The kids ate hot dogs and spaghetti, sandwichón (a sandwich made and cut like a large one layer cake), black beans, baby carrots, chips and little pastries. I made horchata ( a rice milk drink that is sweet) for the first time and a friend made and brought jamaica (a red drink made from dried flowers and suger added) to enjoy. Ahead of time I made scarves for the girls to wear in their hair like a pirate bandana and patches for the boys to wear as they followed clues to search for a hidden treasure -jewelry and gold coins with chocolate inside. Later, we brought in the cake - a pirate ship complete with cannons made from tootsie rolls and little red candies. (I made this one but got the idea from a website!)

There were a bunch of people who celebrated with us - people from church, fellow missionaries, a family we met at the English Library, and 4 families from the sports activities that the kids attend. A full house for sure!

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Anonymous said...

We always miss the Godzwas when birthdays roll around.