Sunday, February 04, 2007

New pets - 2 budgies

As you may know, our attempts to get a family pet in December failed with the problem of allergies. So, here's our second "go" at it. A family at church has birds as pets and the birds have been reproducing . . ..

Rebekah's friend, Carlos, wanted to give her a few for her birthday, but Carlos's mom, knowing that pets are a family decision, came to us first. We decided that after we got back from Mexico City, we would see about purchasing a cage and food. Last Friday, Febuary 2nd (Groundhog's Day for our friends in the U.S.), we welcomed these little birds into our home.

Their names are Cookie and Ralph - don't ask me why - there is no reasoning in this one. We like to say "Kooky" for the female in that she seems to have a nervous eating habit and likes to hang upside down when someone puts a hand in the cage.

They don't say much right now, but I'm interested in interacting with them as they start to show more of their personality. It is said that they can be trained and even talk - well, we'll see.

Anyone have some pet bird care or training advice? Corey? Anyone? :-)

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Nigel Nix said...

Hello there,
My daughter also has an allergy to dogs and cats but she so wanted a pet. In the end we decided on a budgie. She loves it. In fact, she loves it so much that we now have 8 budgies. lol
But I have grown accustomed to them and can almost sleep on Sunday morning. So cats and dogs may cause allergies but they are a lot quiter.
But we have to be good to the kids.
My daughter loves her budgies so much.
Thank you for the lovely story.